May 26, 2016: Thanks again to Bev Spicer for her lovely review of "Forgotten." Strange sites have been noted as having brought people here. You are all welcome, no matter what you were looking for. The only price for the convenience of your visits is, as always, strangeness. 

August 8, 2016: Volume 2, of both Seven Eleven Stories and The Bud Hawthorne Revue are far later in release than I ever imagined they would be. We are approaching the 1 year mark of the first volumes' releases. It seems this is an annual publication. Also, I've started a new work of fiction. Please stay tuned for a cover release or some such celebration as I get close to a reasonable foothold on all of these things for a full report. 

January 10th, 2016: A rack-jobber is an independent distributor using space in an existing market for point of sale transactions. This might be arranged by renting a portion of the store for a rack of materials, or by consignment in some cases. 

In this journal, I will be tracking my attempts to make such an arrangement with actual 7-Eleven stores across my first book tour, date TBD. Meanwhile, I am aware of at least two stores in New Mexico, and will approach each of them in person when my first book order comes in. 

I am now printing single stories from SES: Volume 1, as "Zines," to give away at convenience stores and other businesses as a processor to my rack-jobber endeavors. 

The price of convenience is indeed strangeness, and it's time we as consumers started getting our money's worth. 

--Barnaby Hazen

July 21, 2016: Yikes, no updates for a while. There have been a couple of features in bookHippo .com--they take submissions for one hundred word stories they call "drabbles."  Mine of course are convenience store based, and here they are. Also, here's a NEW REVIEW of "Forgotten" by a Russianist and author herself, Elena Clark. Otherwise I've been hard at work on the Volume Twos--Bud Hawthorne and Seven Eleven Stories. Stay tuned, they'll be good. 

February 7th:  Brodky Bookshop called to request a restock of "Forgotten." It's different, selling here in this small town where I reside--different from selling to strangers or even friends through Amazon. I find it's out of my comfort zone to think I might stop and have a conversation about it while I'm shopping or something like this. 

After sending out many queries to  "bloggers" all over the world, I've also just had a review come in, by Amy Shannon. Waiting to hear back from Albuquerque's Alibi after sending a copy to an interested staff writer. 

MAY 13, 2016: Great article from Live Taos on my upcoming reading:

April 18: 

So it's been a while since I updated. From the rack-jobbing front, the book is now available at Wired Cafe. Those folks were friendly and easy about putting a local book up on the shelf next to others. I also am hosting a Goodreads giveaway for three paperback copies. I'll even sign them if it tickles a fancy--closes on the 20th, so to enter, enter quickly--here

The musician persona has taken hold of me these past few weeks. Considering another ebook giveaway through Amazon since I'm on another cycle, but want to wait and see if I can get a big-wig like Bookbub to promote it first. 

Self-publication is a jungle. Thanks to all supporters thus far, for keeping it from swallowing me whole. 

Oh and I'm considering keeping submissions for Volume 2 open through the summer. Have a comment about that or anything? Use the form below. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Shop around and then get back to me--I barely understand it myself. 

February 25, 2017. ​Most of my time and energy funnel into the ​Misfortunes of T-Funk launch and series. I am preparing to put out Book 1 while typing and scribbling Book 2. Is that enough to justify my lapse in reporting here?

Since the T-Funk series has a musical component, some of my time has been working out the technical details through Amazon. It's actually fairly easy, and I'll have an article (as a guest post) about this just before the release. Don't give up on me here, I'm still rack-jobbing--it's just a more tangled and complex web of racks. 

January 17: Over the weekend we have put together a small street team in Albuquerque. Rumors indicate a 7-Eleven on Central, various spots at UNM, and a cigar shop have been graced with giveaway promotional stories. If you find yourself a little Seven Eleven Storybook around at any of these places or elsewhere, please let us know using the form below! 

Note:  This publication and website is in no way affiliated with 7-Eleven corporation, stores, or any other convenience store for that matter. These images are original and property of Seven Eleven Stories, DBA Ancient Arts.

March 17, 2017. Book 1 of ​Misfortunes of T-Funk now available for pre-sale. I'll be performing at Zephyr in Santa Fe with some old friends and musical collaborators, Westin McDowell and Dylan Blanchard. Here it is on FacebookSharing the bill with a songwriter by the name of AJ Woods. Got together a few days ago with the two guys backing me up. Came to the conclusion I never want to read from my work without musical accompaniment again. 

May 2nd: ​Time to review the definition of rack jobber:

A "rack-jobber" is an independent distributor using space in an existing market for point of sale transactions. This might be arranged by renting a portion of the store for a rack of materials, or by consignment in some cases. This has just been achieved for Misfortunes of T-Funk at Brodsky Bookshop, for example.

See there-it's a perfectly professional word. And yes, I'm well aware of how filthy it sounds. Welcome to Seven Eleven Stories. 

December 12, 2016. I am working on Volume 2 of Seven Eleven Stories. I wasn't sure we would make it this year but I'm going to put together what's been selected over the past many months and finish up a couple stories of my own. Notice that makes for a release around Christmas. A series I started a couple months ago is coming along swimmingly: Misfortunes of T-Funk. It's about two guys in a near future depiction of the music industry. Really am truly sorry I haven't been posting much here. That's what's been up. 

​MAY 8, 2016: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from Seven Eleven Stories. Just spent the day at an art show/benefit for Special Olympics here in Taos, NM. They put my book on a shelf in a cozy corner next to the paintings by Sarah Nettleton--paintings inspired by the Seven Eleven Stories concept (a portion of one of these is in fact the cover of the book, Seven Eleven Forgotten. I ended up selling a few books, and having some great conversations. 

Meanwhile, I am preparing in little ways for a SOMOS reading on May 15th. I will take my guitar with me and play a melody I wrote a couple years back for my thesis--recently came to think of that as the theme of Alex Aronovich (the recurring character throughout Forgotten, ​main character of the novella within the collection). 

Latest interesting website traffic is a full 12% of my traffic this month is reportedly from Kiev. Here's to another fine and curious week in rack-jobbing. 

April 23:


Just a quick note regarding virtual "rack-jobbing" (yes it sounds just as dirty as an internet based activity. For the relatively clean and true definition of rack-jobber, see entry dated January 10th, below). I am given a breakdown of website traffic whenever I go in to add a note here, and I did think it was interesting that a full 6% of my traffic this month has been based in Moscow. Regarding the story taking place in Moscow, "Seven Eleven Forgotten," two readers asked me if I have been, and it turns out I haven't though I hope to soon. I am actually hoping to make it my routine to write fictional depictions of places first, and then go and visit them shortly thereafter. Preferably when it's warm. 

January 19th:  Brodsky Bookshop just put Seven Eleven Forgotten on the rack. We are rack-jobbing!

May 25: Just broke 40K words typed for Book 2 of the T-Funk series. 

August 21, 2016:  We're very close to putting out Volume 2 of The Bud Hawthorne Revue. The thing is I'm waiting on a photo by the subject of the interview, Francis Hahn. He's an overworked teacher so I don't want to put too much pressure on him; so this is me not putting pressure on him. Here's Volume 1 while we wait. Patiently.