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What's our deal?

Seven Eleven Stories is a literary website for stories taking some influence from convenience stores, or convenience store related experiences. We pose this simple challenge for authors: WRITE STORIES WITH THE MENTION OF A CONVENIENCE STORE SOMEHOW IN THE TEXT, THEN SUBMIT. Flash fiction (up to around 1000 words) is what we're looking for initially, but any format will be considered

Though we recently added a page to include non-convenience store related material (Inconvenient Corner Store) , chances for publication here are far greater if you play to our original muse. Show us your craft through the perspectives of consumers, employees, homeless people begging outside, criminals sneaking around the bushes, or God looking down and wondering what in the world is going on here; we want to see what you can do with a 7/11 theme. We ask for exclusive publishing rights to your story until it is archived.

For those who have had convenience store experiences you would like to see written and posted on this site, use the message form on our submissions page with a description of what happened. Here the publication of your idea is reliant on the very unpredictable factor of what might inspire one of our authors to write. By submitting your idea to this website, you thereby relinquish rights to the idea, and it is up to the inhouse author to include your name as an inspirational credit or not. 

If you are submitting an idea, please tell us what range of
artistic license you would encourage, or we will consider it free game. 

If you don’t hear back within a month of submitting you may inquire
by email or form. Any questions about this website, NOT AFFILIATED WITH 7/11 or
any convenience store franchise can also be sent through our contact page. 

AUTHORS:  Simultaneous submissions are okay, just notify us of publication elsewhere. Compensation for authors is exposure only, until further notice. 





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